An analysis of the policies, resources, and circumstances prevailing in the organizational situation that could facilitate or hinder the development of the health promotion program.

The steps :
1. Assesment of resources needed
– to assess the resources required by the proposed educational methods and strategies

2. Assesment of available resources

3. Assessment of barriers to implementation
• Staff commitment and attitudes
• Goal conflict :
Ross & Mico said : “Goals must accord with the client
system’s existing policy”
• Rate of change : perubahan yang bertahap lebih baik
• Familiarity
• Complexity
• Space
• Community barriers


Policy : refers to the set of objectives and rules
guiding the activities of an organization or
an administration

Regulation :
refers to the act of implementing policies and
enforcing rules or laws

Organization :
refers to the act of marshalling and coordinating the
resources necessary to implement a program

The Steps :
Step 1. Assessment of policies, regulations, and

Step 2. Assessment of political forces

There are few thing that can be done in resources matters (time, personnel, budget) :

1. Identify and seek part-time commitments from personnel from other department within organizations
2. Retrain personnel within your depart. to take on tasks outside their usual scope of responsibility
3. Explore the potential for recruitment of volunteers from the community
4. Explore the potential for cooperative with agency or organization in community
5. Develop a grant proposal for funding, partial funding or matched funding by a government agency, foundation or donor
6. Appeal directly to public for donations
7. Price the service at a cost-recovery level of fees to be charged some or all users of the services
8. If none of them, justify to pursue policy changes in organization

Community organization :
refer to the set of procedures and processes by which a population and its institutions mobilize to solve a common problem or pursue a common goal

the act of converting policies and program objectives into actions through administration, regulation, and organization


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