Figur Heritage – MOHAMAD NATSIR

moh Natsir Very different, people who die but if we are naming him feel alive, with people  who are still alive but if we are naming him feel dead. (Ibn Qayyim)

In the midst of inner turmoil we see the condition of Muslims today, the way the  fate of a nation in danger of destruction and tossed diombang historical movement  toward a maze of uncertainty, it seems, the memories will figure Mohammad Natsir  very appropriate to re-enabled. It is a natural desire for the presence of human like  dreaming Natsir with all passion, honesty, intelligence intellect, sincerity and  empathy leadership. But unfortunately thousand unfortunately, we no longer  possible to expect Natsir will come. Natsir is very likely wanted to come, but a creature of history today would not be coming.

Mohammad Natsir is a poor figure in history and forgotten. Lost its importance as for engineering political history and humanity that many directed to always be in accordance with the interests of power. The history contained in the sheet could be castrated, denigrate and eliminate services, but as the facts of history can never lie, still, there will always be people who want to be honest and admit the existence of Natsir history.

Natsir is a historical figure who according to the philosopher of history, a character with human qualities as he will only appear once in a century to a nation. In his various inherent advantages that are rarely incorporated in a person. He has an intellectual eloquence, clarity of a scholar, a statesman of wisdom and love of a leader with no strings attached to the people and the people. Charisma, integrity and morality more inspired leadership and example for intellectuals and leaders of the next period.

Without the intention to ignore other people who contributed to the nation’s large, Natsir several times to give a decisive contribution to history. Natsir is the first minister in the early light of this country was born as an independent country. At the time this country fragmented into the state union as dimaui Dutch colonizers, Natsir with brilliant minds trying to save him. The motion which was later known as “Mosi Integral Natsir” weave back Indonesia as a state entity that has been running over 50 years old, but in recent years threatened in tatters. Armed with this Natsir Integral Motion Sukarno as Indonesia inaugurated the re-unified state on August 17, 1950. This event is the second proclamation of the republic after the proclamation of 1945. Thanks to this service later Sukarno appointed him prime minister, but because the nature of the straight he later resigned from the position.

In his youth Natsir often debated in the media with Sukarno of various serious and fundamental problem. After the independence of these two figures together in a government. Sukarno often discuss affairs of state with Natsir, often asked to write speeches of Sukarno. But in the middle of the Sukarno regime, the two friends began to frequent a different attitude. Sukarno began to realize authoritarian democracy after which dissolved the Constituent Assembly election results of 1955 is very democratic. Natsir before with Hatta’s often reminded of Sukarno, but Sukarno had been “headed the Stone” and do not want anymore people menengarkan advice. Natsir in PRRI Keiikutsertaan is one part of it.

Historical journey of two people who have had close to finally turning, PRRI the reason for Sukarno and the adventurers in the circle of power to imprison Masjumi Natsir and any party to disperse diultimatum. Masyumi disbanded before the last day of the limits specified Sukarno. Natsir and many other leaders later dikandangkan into prison without a trial. Because not want to hear the advice of his friends like Natsir, Hatta, Syahrir, and others, Sukarno finally reap the storm of stubborn attitude. In 1966 he fell from power.

The Fall of the Order of the length of Sukarno, the country’s regime moved into the hands of the New Order under Suharto’s leadership. At this time Natsir released, he wanted to go back to continue the struggle. But the nature of this regime is not far different from the previous regime, even the New Order regime’s behavior is far worse. Masyumi Party as a political struggle Natsir container, with all the engineering no longer allowed to live. Since then Natsir stop struggling through the process of party politics. He and his colleagues then founded the Council of Da’wah Islamiyah Indonesia (DDII). To the end, here he was running gait of dedication to the people and nation.

Although not given a place in the formal political sphere of state in New Order era, Natsir never stopped contributing to the nation. He helped improve relations with Malaysia, he sent a letter to the Tengku Abdurahman, leader of Malaysia at that time. Because of her respect for the Natsir, relations with Malaysia re Indoinesia improved.

Natsir also a big role for Japan provides financial assistance to the government of Indonesia, after Suharto came home from his visit to the country of the Rising Sun was empty-handed. Natsir with a letter addressed to Japanese Prime Takeo Fukuda, was established IGGI (Govermental International Group for Indonesia). Japanese aid and other countries too liquid. Also unforgettable is the helping hand to form friendships Natsir anatara Indonesia with countries Middle East. Since then, relations with Indonesia, the country’s oil-rich countries work well to have an impact not less running Indonesia receives assistance.

More Natsir role ever in Indonesia it the name the international level. He was the President of the Muslim League of the World (World Islamic Congress). He was the Secretary General of Islami knows best Rabithah, Chairman of the Board of the World Mosque. Almost never elected President of OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference), but he resigned before the nomination.

Too many services have been provided Natsir in this country, both in the independence movement, on the Orla, not a few also in the days of New Order, if calculated apalgi its international influence in building the nation’s image and Indonesian Muslims. However, there is no good response from the government of this country against Natsir. He branded as rebels simply, the role of the amount removed from the pages of history. Conscious or not, the history of fraud is also supported by historians. Person’s role or even a little history is not entirely clear, so easy in fact exaggerated crowned as a hero, his name is enshrined in building roads and memorialized. While Natsir and other historical figures were drowned.

We are a nation who would “kill” Natsir so large a role as a warrior, thinker, defender of the people and forgotten founding fathers. Generation today the average do not know the role that history has painted Natsir. Even Natsir never be prime minister there was almost no generation of today who knows. Even if there are recognized Natsir, it was more related to the PRRI. Natsir is a rebel.

“Murder” and the abandonment of this Natsir not only by leaders who are political enemies, but the sad thing is, consciously or not, the followers of any Natsir much involved “killing” Natsir presence of environmental history and life today. Natsir who worked hard to unite the people, but the greater part of those who claim to be followers, because of pettiness and lust is more excited about strife and division. Natsir accustomed to simplicity, but many of his followers, would prefer luxury. Natsir very concerned about the fate of the little people, but today some of his followers who have important positions in power, silence of the suffering of the people. It’s irony, his followers often eloquently Natsir mention Natsir glory and invites others to menauladaninya, however, far from their own behavior that has been exemplified Natsir.

Natsir and neglected legacy
Not intend to exaggerate, Natsir is multi-dimensional human beings. He is not only a political figure and a scholar of Islam, but in itself is attached various other dimensions. He is a Muslim intellectual par excellence that controls the treasury Islamic sciences with very broad. He understood interpretation, hadith, fiqh and sharia. He understands the Arabic language and history. This ability makes Natsir can understand religion in a more holistic and comprehensive. Religion can not be understood merely as a matter keakhiratan but also how to set the world to become better and provide benefits.

On the other hand, Natsir, because the formal educational background, he was very controlled, history, philosophy, culture and Western civilization. He is also very mastered the language of the Western variety. He is also a very strong understanding many perspectives and terminology of Western science is really only able to master college-educated scholars. Not only that, he also understands very well the knowledge of other religions outside of Islam.

More than that, Natsir also familiar with the products of Western culture and Islam. Probably very few who know, Natsir was also very fond of and have a good appreciation of music. We went to school in Bandung AMS, he held the orchestra. Natsir quite proficient in playing various musical instruments. Natsir also loved the works of Austrian composers like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, German composer Ludwig van Bethoven, and supposedly very Natsir also enjoy the songs legend Umm Kulthum, the Egyptian music.

Natsir is a type of human pemebelajar thirsty for more knowledge and knowledge. Everything he learned in earnest either through formal education and that he got a self-taught. He is a man who is identical with the books and the treasures of science. This ability makes Natsir as the author of many books and produced other writings. Natsir parents until the day could not be separated from the activities of writing and reading. Various books written Natsir, ranging from Fikh, culture, national politics, ideology, interreligious relations, culture and civilization, and many important thoughts collected in a book which is a magnum opusnya Capita Selecta of two very thick volumes.

Natsir not only know about all things big, but he also understands the things small and detailed. Natsir not underestimate the small things and trivial, but he also did not think the heavy stuff is great. Natsir often deliver, small problems if allowed, would be a great time. But big problems if done right, a moment will be small.
Natsir is a simple figure of the leader but charismatic. Like many figures in the period of the previous history, appearance, daily and Natsir lifestyle far removed from any luxury. Natsir not think himself, but always the people and nation.

Of the overall self-Natsir, many things he had inherited. Natsir a legacy of science and exemplary leadership. However, people today ignore that legacy. Indonesian Muslims today still be the people of the backward, poor and divided. If the Muslims today try to learn and menauladani seriously all awrisan Natsir and other figures, history of the condition of the people shall not be so bad this time. But what about to say, this nation is always backward and forgetful, so that legacy with the high price of anything is always ignored.

For the small number of people, quoting Ibn Qayyim above, the hearing could turn Natsir name. But like some people or even claiming to his followers even, to hear the name Natsir unable to turn it on. Natsir for some people might stay just a memory. Goodness, nobility, and love keistikamahan Natsir of forgotten people. Natsir heritage was neglected


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