Mohamad Natsir – Figure Heritage


moh Natsir Very different, people who die but if we are naming him feel alive, with people who  are still alive but if we are naming him feel dead. (Ibn Qayyim)

In the midst of inner turmoil we see the condition of Muslims today, the way the  fate of a nation in danger of destruction and tossed diombang historical movement  toward a maze of uncertainty, it seems, the memories will figure Mohammad Natsir  very appropriate to re-enabled. It is a natural desire for the presence of human like  dreaming Natsir with all passion, honesty, intelligence intellect, sincerity and  empathy leadership. But unfortunately thousand unfortunately, we no longer  possible to expect Natsir will come. Natsir is very likely wanted to come, but a creature of history today would not be coming.

Mohammad Natsir is a poor figure in history and forgotten. Lost its importance as for engineering political history and humanity that many directed to always be in accordance with the interests of power. The history contained in the sheet could be castrated, denigrate and eliminate services, but as the facts of history can never lie, still, there will always be people who want to be honest and admit the existence of Natsir history.

Natsir is a historical figure who according to the philosopher of history, a character with human qualities as he will only appear once in a century to a nation. In his various inherent advantages that are rarely incorporated in a person. He has an intellectual eloquence, clarity of a scholar, a statesman of wisdom and love of a leader with no strings attached to the people and the people. Charisma, integrity and morality more inspired leadership and example for intellectuals and leaders of the next period.

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