Counterfeit Money its everywhere

Lima Puluh Ribu

Just want to share my  experiences about counterfeit  money ..

Maybe all of you have heard or even see  this counterfeit  money being ..

It happen yesterday afternoon, when I took my son to go  to the doctor to check his  high temperature body condition.

Incidentally when my family and I arrived, we were in the order of queue number 3, so still pretty quiet place physicians practice.

As usual, after the call and invited to enter the doctor’s room, medical check has given…

shortly, we redeem the drug in the same place with the doctor’s office.

I spend a hundred thousand rupiahs  to pay for medicine, and there is money among the change of fifty thousand.

On the way home, we decided to stop at the nearest supermarket to buy some of the everyday needs.

When We will pay the groceries, how shocked we were when notified by the cashier that the fifty thousand that we got  from previous doctors, and we will use to pay for our purchases were “FALSE” …

The money is in check by the cashier using UV light, and it turned out under UV light, our money mark is not there to prove the authenticity hologram.

Luckily  we were brought up some extra money to pay for our groceries, otherwise our groceries will be smoothly re-landing back on their self  🙂

All the way to the home, there was a dilemma that may look simple, what to do with the money, spend again, stored, returned to the bank or destroyed??

so far this writing, that  money stll  in my pocket:)

but we have decided, to not spend the money, at least that’s what we can do to break the chains of counterfeiting money in Indonesia.


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